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Belimo LM230A Rotary actuator, Open/Close Damper Actuator 5 Nm, AC 100...240 V, Open/close, 3-point, 150 s, IP54


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จำหน่าย Non Fail-Safe Actuators ยี่ห้อ Belimo รุ่น LM230A ราคาถูก Rotary actuator, Open/Close Damper Actuator 5 Nm, AC 100...240 V, Open/close, 3-point, 150 s, IP54 ตัวแทนจำหน่ายประเทศไทย

Belimo Damper Actuator
The Belimo damper actuator has an open/close control type. This actuator has an adjustable U-clamp, which accepts round or square shafts. It is a rotary/louver actuator. It is compatible with all the leading makes of HVAC controls. The damper actuator is used for adjusting air dampers in ventilation and air-conditioning systems in buildings. This actuator operates on stall torque technology, which does not require end switches. The damper actuator has no limit switches and is overload proof. It requires a 240VAC/VDC supply voltage.

Optional auxiliary switch (stock no. 504-1545) suitable for use with LM, NM, SM and GM damper actuators, features 2xSPDT switches rated at 3 (0.5)A 250Vac and supplied with 1m of cable.

Features and Benefits
• Operation life is minimum 60000
• Pushbutton manual override
• Direction change switch
• Cable length is 1m
• Ambient temperature ranges between -30°C and 50°C
• Maintenance free
• Low power consumption up to 1.5W
• Maximum damper area is 1m²
• Damper spindle compatibility ranges between 6mm and 20mm
• Motor torque is 5Nm
• Noise level is 35dB

• IP54 rated
• CE according to 89/336/EEC
• 92/31/EEC
• UL Enclosure Type 2
• IEC/EN 60730-1
• IEC/EN 60730-2-14


Voltage AC/DC
AC 100...240 V
Power consumption (running)
1.5 W
Power consumption (holding)
0.5 W
Power Consumption For Wire Sizing
3.5 VA
Connection Supply Control
Cable 1 m, 3x 0.75 mm²
Torque5 Nm
Control type
: Open/close
: 3-point
Direction Of Motion Motor
selectable with switch 0 (ccw rotation) / 1 (cw rotation)
Manual override
With push-button, can be locked
Angle of rotation
Running time (motor)
150 s / 90°
Mechanical interface
Universal shaft clamp 6...20 mm
Protection category
Degree Of Protection NEMA
Enclosure Type
UL Enclosure Type 2
Ambient Temperature-30...50°C [-22...122°F]

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